LiveBinders for NAF

The video and text below provide basic instructions on how to submit your evidence in the LiveBinders template. Please email us at for further assistance.


  1. Put your binder in Edit mode. From the All My Binders page – hover over the binder icon with your cursor and click the blue Edit button. If you are inside the binder, click the edit icon (a binder with a red pen)
  2. Click on a tab, and associated sub tabs, as you are ready to add evidence to them
  3. In the text box, click on “Click to Edit” to type in any required information. Click the icon of the disk to save your work
  4. To upload a file, click on the “Content” button at the top of the page
    • Click on "Upload"
    • Click "Choose File"
    • Once you’ve selected the file from your computer, click “Upload”
    • There is only one upload permitted per tab, so you may need to combine files before uploading them

Please note that uploaded Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) will show up in the tab as a link and must be downloaded for viewing. Save these files as PDFs before uploading to view their content from inside the binder.

Instructions to upload multiple files at the same time

  1. Log into your LiveBinders account
  2. Mouse over your username in the upper right and click on My Uploaded Files
  3. Click on the Upload Files link
  4. Either drag files from your desktop or click on Add Files in the lower left corner of that box
  5. You can select up to 20 files at a time to add to the binder
  6. Click Start Upload at the bottom of that box
  7. Click on the Upload Files link
  8. If you want to create new tabs or sub tabs for your files, scroll down to Manage Uploaded Files and you will notice check boxes by your files. Click on Add to Binder and use the LiveBinder It interface to select the binder and tab where you want to add the files

If you want to add them to an existing tab or sub tab in your binder, use the instructions below:

Insert files that have already been uploaded in a tab

  1. Open your template binder in Edit mode
  2. Navigate to the tab where you want to add your file
  3. Click on Add Content in the top menu
  4. Click on My Files in that menu
  5. Leave the word "All" in the search field and click on Find - all your uploaded files will be shown in the reverse order they were uploaded (most recent first)
  6. Click on the arrows to scroll through the files if there are more than 10
  7. Click on the thumbnail of the file you want to add and it will put the file in your current tab or sub tab
  8. Go to the next tab and add the next file

Please note that Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, etc.) will show up in the tab as a link and must be downloaded for viewing. If you would like them to show up inside the binder, save them in pdf format before uploading them.


Here is a link to the NAF template that you will need to copy to get started:

NAF 2015–16 YOP Evidence Template