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Distribute your resources seamlessly with digital binders.

Administrators and Department Leaders!

  • Forget about nested folders, cluttered drives, and even digitally scattered files.
  • Regain control over your resources so your files don’t get copied, renamed or deleted!
  • Win back the time you’ve spent building your process and legacy content only to have it disappear when you leave.
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How Digital Binders Work

  1. Sign up for a FREE LiveBinders account to get started on building your first digital binder (yes, the first one is on us!)
  2. Upload your most important files (documents, images, or anything else!) or embed web pages, videos, and application links – whatever the content, it can be added to your digital binder.
  3. Get organized by coloring tabs and adding instructions for each tab. Remember those dividers you used in physical binders? You can now do the same thing digitally.
  4. Share your digital binder with others by simply sending them the eBinder URL or embedding it on your website or LMS. No more emailing multiple files or sharing access to cloud storage – everything is in one place for easy collaboration.
Livebinders Logo with grey binder and a red arrow across the bottom of the binder icon pointing to upper right of binder. There is a grey arrow surrounding the top of the binder from left to right centering on the binder icon. Across the grey arrow floating above the binder icon are 5 file types. On the left is an orange folder tab square with a white outline of "web docs." Then purple tab folder with white outline of "websites." Next is a green tab folder with a white outline of "documents." Then a blue tab folder with a white outline of "videos." Last is a teal colored folder with a white outline of "audio."

More Efficient Than A Shared Drive

  • Win Back Your Time

    Life is too short to spend hours looking for that one elusive document that you just can't seem to find. Win that time back by having all of your important information organized and at your fingertips with digital binders, (and let's not forget your sanity too!)

  • Gain the Upper Hand

    How many times did your documents get lost in the shuffle because someone resigned, changed departments, or relocated? Playing catch-up to regain access can be such a hassle. Avoid the headaches by using digital binders, and you won't have to worry about losing control over your important information ever again.

  • Collaborate with Ease

    Need to work on a project with a team? No problem. With digital binders, multiple users can easily access and collaborate on the same binder. Say goodbye to confusion over which document is the most up-to-date. With digital binders, everyone will be on the same page (literally!).

  • Win Over Your Stakeholders

    Impress your stakeholders with a sleek and professional digital binder instead of a confusing shared drive. By having everything organized and easily accessible, you'll make a great first impression and show that you take organization and presentation seriously. Whether it's a new hire, colleagues, staff, or potential customer, you'll make the right first impression.

  • Make Access Effortless and Sustainable!

    With digital binders, you can ensure that access to your resources maintains that easy level of access over time. No need to carry around a bulky binder or worry about people getting lost in your folders. As long as you have an internet connection, your digital binder is just a click away from your resources.

  • Go Green

    Say goodbye to printing, sorting, and hole punching countless documents — while saving the environment at the same time. By going digital, you increase your efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint. It's a win-win for you and the planet.

As the Director of C&I with the NC New Teacher Support Program (NC NTSP), I have enjoyed developing binders for professional development, programmatic curriculum and protocols, case study development and much more.

Beth Edwards


Director of C&I NC New Teacher Support Program East Carolina University- College of Education

Drawing of a female profile with short brown hair, light brown skin tone, and a v-neck dark green t-shirt.
We use LiveBinders to help our staff get easy access to our organization's resources. They are spread out across 16 counties and LiveBinders has been amazing for us!

Debbie Merkwan


Program Secretary for South Central Child Development (Head Start)

Headshot of Brianna Horton
LiveBinders has given me a platform to showcase my skills and prove to my department why I was the right person for the job.

Brianna Horton


Executive Assistant to Director of Department of Transportation, Oakland, CA

Picture of a Lily flower
We really appreciate LiveBinders and how much they enhance our productivity at a time when we don't really know from one day to the next if we're working from home or in the office. It has really been invaluable to our organization, so thanks so much!

Larissa A. Cline


Assistant Director, 21st Century Programs Muskingum Valley ESC

Perfect for sharing resources with your stakeholders.

Eliminate file sharing complexities
  • Give your stakeholders a central access point to all your SPED Resources.

  • Seamlessly combine all your learning materials - website URLs, presentations, and handouts into one organized package

  • Remove the complexities around your shared drive with by organizing access from your digital binders.

See how LiveBinders can organize your resources.

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