Convert Curriculum Confusion Into Digital Clarity

Top of the screenshows drawings of 7 blue colored binders in a row with the side panel showing. Underneath the left side of the row of binders is a laptop with a picture of 2 hands typing on a keyboard.

Keep Your Course Material Within Your Grasp

→ Arrange your course materials exactly how you see fit – without the constraints of a traditional physical binder OR the logistics of a digital file system.

→Prepare for each lecture with ease – access the material quickly and effortlessly when it’s time to teach – without anxiously having to sift through stacks of paper or countless tabs on your computer.

→ Stay on top of your ever-changing course content long after the end of each semester. Your own LMS resources, third-party articles and videos, and supplementary materials can all be housed in one place – for good.

→ Share all your materials at once with your students through a simple link. Multiple attachments, file sizes, and formats are no longer an issue!

Why Use an Online Binder?

  • One Location, Anytime Access

    No matter where you or your students are, accessing course materials is always just a click away. Forget about lugging around heavy binders around campus or searching through multiple online platforms – keep everything in one convenient location.

  • Instant Updates With Seamless Sharing

    Implement real-time updates to your content, ensuring your students always have the latest information at their fingertips. You don’t even have to reshare the binder link!

  • Customization On Your Terms

    Replace the standard list of URLs in your LMS that make it near-impossible for students to find the right material at the right time with a neatly organized, visually-appealing binder. No more endless scrolling just to find the right link – organize your course content in a way that makes sense to you and your students.

  • Year-to-Year Consistency

    Maintain a robust archive of your curriculum that spans years. Assist students who wish to reference past material without the hassle of digging through outdated documents.

Screenshot of Casper College
I'm excited that I found LiveBinders for my class! It's much easier than most drop-boxes and fits what I was looking for perfectly!

Grant Wilson


Communication Instructor, Casper College, Casper, Wyoming

Headshot of Rhonda Phillips
This binder has become the go-to binder for my content area pre-service teachers, as well as, teachers who participate in my content area reading/writing workshops. As I learn new ways to engage students' comprehension of their content-related texts, I file ideas in the appropriate tab in my binder. (How did I ever file information before the "LiveBinder It" became an integral part of my life?)

Rhonda Phillips


Instructor, Virginia Tech

Headshot of Kathy Beatty
I am delighted to say that LiveBinders has been the backboneof our AAC Mentorship Program! We have found LiveBinders to be a wonderful support system for those SLPs that wish to further their knowledge and skills in AAC.

Kathy Beatty


Speech/Language Pathologist

Headshot for Kimberlie Sinclair
In a large district with 75 schools soon to be 85, LiveBinders will be even more than a tool but a critical component in our ability to stay organized.

Kimberly Sinclair


Dyslexia Program Director for Aldine ISD

How Online Binders Work

  1. Sign up for a FREE LiveBinders account to get started on building your first digital binder (yes, the first one is on us!)
  2. Upload your curriculum files (presentations, documents, instructional videos, or anything else!) or embed web pages and links – whatever the content, it can be added to your digital binder.
  3. Structure your binder to match your syllabus by coloring tabs and adding instructions for each tab. Remember those folders and dividers you used to use in physical binders? You can now do the same thing digitally.
  4. Share your digital binder with students by simply sending them the eBinder URL or embedding it on your LMS page. No more emailing multiple files or sharing access to cloud storage – everything is in one place for easy collaboration.
Livebinders Logo with grey binder and a red arrow across the bottom of the binder icon pointing to upper right of binder. There is a grey arrow surrounding the top of the binder from left to right centering on the binder icon. Across the grey arrow floating above the binder icon are 5 file types. On the left is an orange folder tab square with a white outline of "web docs." Then purple tab folder with white outline of "websites." Next is a green tab folder with a white outline of "documents." Then a blue tab folder with a white outline of "videos." Last is a teal colored folder with a white outline of "audio."

A Better Way to Organize, Teach and Share

See Online Binders At Work

Example Online Binders And Their Most Powerful Content

Binder icon :Rk5nnnlda:General Cruel and Unusual Punishment Resources

General Cruel and Unusual Punishment Resources

Binder icon :Rk9nnnlda:The Sustainable Development Goals - SDG Binder

The Sustainable Development Goals - SDG Binder

Binder icon :Rkdnnnlda:NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

Binder icon :Rkhnnnlda:Margo's Teacher & Teacher-Librarian Handbook

Margo's Teacher & Teacher-Librarian Handbook

Binder icon :Rklnnnlda:UDL Toolkit

UDL Toolkit

Binder icon :Rkpnnnlda:FLORIDA'S "B.E.S.T."  HONORS ALGEBRA 1


Binder icon :Rktnnnlda:Data Threat Dashboard Information

Data Threat Dashboard Information

Binder icon :Rl1nnnlda:Children's Stories in Sign Language - New URL

Children's Stories in Sign Language - New URL

Binder icon :Rl5nnnlda:Super Bowl Economics

Super Bowl Economics

Binder icon :Rl9nnnlda:Humboldt HS Career and College Information

Humboldt HS Career and College Information

Binder icon :Rldnnnlda:Notebook English

Notebook English

Binder icon :Rlhnnnlda:Award Book Trailer Contest

Award Book Trailer Contest