About LiveBinders

Organizing with online binders

You’re Educating The World – We’re Organizing It

LiveBinders was established to revolutionize the binder concept by providing a quick and consistent way to efficiently communicate information. We proudly serve educators, business managers, consultants, trainers and administrators with online binders that eliminate timely transitions, organize documents and allow users to focus on their audience.

Our Job Is To Make Your Job Easier

We engaged in numerous projects to pinpoint the struggles professionals and educators face while sharing information. As a leader in the next generation of paperless content sharing, we’ve decided to give you the control you deserve. Now, you can consolidate all your documents, videos, slideshows and tons of other information in one place, so your valuable collection is consistent across time and space.

Our Community Means Everything To Us

We want to offer our gratitude to all of our educators, business managers, consultants, trainers and administrators who use LiveBinders for their organizational needs. Your continuous support has allowed us to develop our company and launch it into the future. Your life changing stories, requests and discoveries are all greatly appreciated!