Download a Copy of Your Online Binder

Create a download version of your online binder

Offline binders are useful when you want to archive your online binders on your local drive. The download version of your binder will display all your uploaded files from your local drive.

Binder with downward facing arrow into a laptop

What to expect from your downloaded binder:
  • We provide a zip file of your download copy that you extract to your local drive
  • Your offline binder will display through a browser
  • Your offline binder will look the same as your online binder
  • All of the uploaded documents are included
  • All text added to your binder is available
  • Web site links in the binder will only display with an internet connection
  • The Tab Search box is available
  • Table of Contents in the 1st or 2nd tab position works
  • The Options menu in the offline binder is not available
  • The binder editor is not available offline; if you need to edit your binder, you will need to edit it online and download a new version

Note: The download binder option is only available with a Pro or Team level subscription.

This is a screenshot of a download version of a LiveBinder. Learn more and see instruction videos here.