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Virtual Binders for Virtual Libraries

A proper place to organize all your online information

A Virtual binder is a term that refers to a paperless 3-ring binder. Having a proper place to organize resources for sharing in the cloud is essential for many work and learning environments, but does a virtual or digital binder imply that they are online like a virtual meeting or virtual office?

Our virtual online binder platform was designed to help you package online resources through a web browser. PDFs, video clips, and any website URL, can be added to tabs in our online binder. Your documents will appear within your binder – just like they would if they were paper based.

Imagine an Easy Way to Create a Virtual Library
Once you start building out your binders, you can organize them on custom shelves. You can build your very own virtual library of binders creating a place where your stakeholders can access your powerhouse of knowledge.

A virtual library is a place that can be easily updated and shared with anyone privately or publicly.

Why Choose LiveBinders?

LiveBinders has been helping administrators, educators and trainers transition to the cloud. We want you to have the same level of success with your virtual online binders as you do with your paper binders and more!

Checkout our Testimonials page and see how our members use LiveBinders.

Example Public Binders:

Check out our Solutions page to learn more and view public binders created by our members.

Start with a Free Account:

Sign up for a free account where you can upload up to 100 MB of documents, add from your Google drive or any website URL. If you’d like to learn more about our tools, feel free to contact us at info@livebinders.com

At LiveBinders we believe getting organized is the key to your success.