LiveBinders for Packaging Training Materials

You spend a lot of time working on your training materials, but how do you hand them out? In a physical binder? With a thumb drive? An online file folder? Present your training materials in an organized, polished, online binder.

LiveBinders is a seamless way to combine all your training materials including multi-media presentations, uploaded documents, and videos into an elegant package to share and present.

Hand out your training materials in a beautiful digital package

LiveBinders lets you combine uploaded documents, links, and multi-media content into a simple online package that is perfect for training. With LiveBinders you can:

  • Organize materials so that they look good and are easy to find
  • Add content at the last minute, even after you have sent out the link
  • Add a table of contents that is updated automatically everytime you add something
  • Add content from any application
  • Add pictures from an iPad or Android device
  • Select a layout that best shows off your content
  • Keep binders private or make them public

Incredibly easy to use, and free to get started! Sign up today.

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Example Training Binders