Story: Susan Brooks-Young

Education Tech Specialist and Published Author and Speaker
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LiveBinders had just come out and I was so excited because it was something that was better than just some kind of a list kind of thing, Diigo kind of thing. When I do workshops and things, I organize online agendas and the lists of resources were just getting so long that at first I went to Diigo and that was still too much a lot of times. So I found LiveBinders and went whoa, this is awesome. Now I can have the best of both worlds.

Actually, I discovered very early on that one of the things I love about LiveBinders is the fact that I can create one on the fly if I need to. And when I’m working with teachers or I am working with a class of students or I’m with community members or I’m with a parent group, whoever I’m working with. I really want to be sure that when they leave, they not only have the information that they heard and they saw and they tried out, but that they also have reference points that they can go back to. And I started actually almost accidentally by creating a LiveBinder about digital literacy skills on the fly at a session in Dallas several years ago. And that binder ended up going from a 10 minute throw this together, make sure people have what they need, to me adding a couple of collaborators to it and us really expanding upon it. And we’ve used it ever since as a basis for workshops that we present all around different aspects of digital literacy, and helping teachers and students be better at what they do.

(Excerpt from this Organize Success Podcast episode about her Truth Matters: Digital Literacy in a Post-Truth Era Binder)