Story: Sandy Faulkner

Teacher, Trinity Presbyterian School
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Headshot of Sandy Faulkner

The Trinity 8th Grade Integrated Science LiveBinder is a binder that I developed for my class. I have reorganized my class structure so that the three primary resources I use to manage curricular materials are: (1) a composition notebook – for illustrations, written assignments, and labs, (2) desktop/dropbox science folder – for downloaded handouts and other study materials, and (3) and MOST IMPORTANTLY this online notebook. As a teacher, I absolutely love the ways I have found to use LiveBinders!

My students use this LiveBinder almost daily. Uses I have found that have increased the rigor and relevance in my class are: obviously, to download notes that apply to the subject we are studying; as a link to Discovery Education where I can have students individually listen to videos and complete video listening guides; as a medium to post rubrics for student projects; as a link to educational games; as a link to lessons created by myself for students to listen to in a modified “flipped” classroom; and as a link to animations that demonstrate physics concepts.