Story: Mickie Mueller

Ed Tech Facilitator for Norfolk Public Schools
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What started out as a way to collect and demo websites for a presentation, has now become an obsession. I originally put together my Free Technology Tools for Teachers LiveBinder for a presentation I was doing. I wanted a way to easily demo several websites and I also wanted my audience to have something to refer to after the presentation was over. I stumbled across LiveBinders and began filling this binder with free technology tools. I loved that you could preview the website right in the binder. I continued to add to the binder even after the presentation because I found it was a good way for me to curate all of these websites I was finding. About a year after I started the binder, it ended up on the LiveBinders Featured page and it just took off! People were sharing it on Twitter and word spread. My binder that had a couple hundred views suddenly had 17,000 views almost overnight! Ultimately, it wound up as one of the Top 10 LiveBinders of 2012. I keep adding to the binder and it keeps getting viewed – over 239,000 views and counting!

Since I created that first binder in 2011, I have created many other binders. I love that LiveBinders lets you share all kinds of digital information – from websites to videos to PDFs to Google Drive files to YouTube videos to Pinterest boards and Twitter feeds. LiveBinders is an excellent way to collect and share all kinds of digital resources.