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Linda H

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I discovered LiveBinders while frantically searching for a new presentation tool to use for an upcoming conference where I was scheduled to present.

As a librarian with a background in cataloging, what drew me to LiveBinders was that it enabled me to arrange my website content systematically, similar to organizing items on a shelf. What made it even more effective was the graphical approach it offered. 

Now retired,  I maintain my website and web tools and decades binders for those still needing to make use of my collection of resources.

The value of LiveBinders has been evident through the positive feedback I’ve received from my viewers. Nothing brings me more delight than to hear from a student, via a parent, that my binders saved their project. Or to hear from students who take the time to suggest new sites to add to my binders. LiveBinders has become my go-to presentation tool to organize and share resources.