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Jaime Worrall

Picture of Jaime Worrall smiling at camera

Jaime Worrall

Honor's Algebra Teacher at Christa McAuliffe MS, Palm Beach Schools

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I literally have 6 inch traditional “paper” binders for both algebra and geometry. When I initially discovered LiveBinders (what…like TEN years ago???) my “original” intent was to convert paper to digital so my students could access their work 24/7 in case of absence, extra help, extra practice, becoming experts!! Fast forward to COVID and remote learning and those LiveBinders were INDISPENSABLE. I created (somewhat crude) YouTube videos of me recording the daily lesson from home so that the addition of ME to each lesson personalized the lesson for my remote students. THEN came “hybrid” classes (some kids home, some in school) and LiveBinders was there to, once again, accommodate THAT unique situation. Our state adopts NEW math standards this year with LIMITED new curriculum to access. I am back at work (summer project) updating the binders so my kids won’t miss a beat with the new stuff (created by me) added to the OTHER algebra and geometry that hasn’t changed much in over 2000 years!!!