Convert Paper-Based Handbooks to Virtual Binders

All the benefits of going virtual without the confusion.

Graphic with a grey colored 3-ring binder with a red arrow at the bottom on the binder pointing to the right and from left to right across the top of the binder are 4 folders. 1st folder is green with the word Documents in the center. To the right of that is a yellow folder with the word Web Documents in the center. To the right of that is a blue folder with Video in the center. To the right of that is a purple folder with Websites and the last light blue folder says Audio.

Replacing paper-based handbooks with digital folders has its challenges:

Your shared drive may start out neat and orderly, but over time, it can become cluttered.

  • Shared drives can be either too easy to edit or too strict to share with groups of people.
  • Everyone has their own naming conventions, so it’s hard to stay consistent.
  • Nesting folders doesn’t necessarily make it easier to quickly find what you need.

    Why Online Binders Work

    • Intuitive Organization

      Everyone is familiar with how binder tabs organize content. Your files and website URLs are organized in rows of tabs and sub tabs in your binders.

    • You Stay in Control

      Your viewers can't change the order of the tabs or compromise the content you place in your binders.

    • Everyone Sees the Same Thing

      The fixed structure of the binder gives everyone the same consistent access to material knowing everything is in its proper place.

    • Build Confidence

      Your stakeholders can consistently and quickly find what they need.

    Headshot of the SUPER Team
    LiveBinders was conceptually easy for people to grasp–you can think of it like a physical binder that you put on the internet and use it basically the same way.



    Marcia Brandt., Katie Hauser, Mary Jo Matousek, Mindy Perry, Rachele Esola

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    In a large district with 75 schools soon to be 85, LiveBinders will be even more than a tool but a critical component in our ability to stay organized.

    Kimberly Sinclair


    Dyslexia Program Director for Aldine ISD

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    LiveBinders is the easiest way for me to catalogue virtual resources, and the fastest way for colleagues and students to find them.

    Brian Page


    Financial Education Teacher

    How Online Binders Work

    1. Sign up for a free account and get started on your first online binder
    2. Upload a file, embed a web page or application link and add instructions for each tab
    3. Share your online binder URL through e-mail or embed it on your website or LMS

    See How Online Binders Work

    Example Digital Binders And Their Most Powerful Content

    Binder icon :R51dtttda:NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

    NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

    Binder icon :R52dtttda:NCSCOS ELA Resources

    NCSCOS ELA Resources

    Binder icon :R53dtttda:Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Binder icon :R54dtttda:Health Clerk Binder

    Health Clerk Binder

    Binder icon :R55dtttda:TJC Admissions and Onward Career Planning Resources

    TJC Admissions and Onward Career Planning Resources

    Binder icon :R56dtttda:COVID-19 Dashboard Information

    COVID-19 Dashboard Information

    Binder icon :R57dtttda:MEDZED COVID-19 Resource Guide

    MEDZED COVID-19 Resource Guide

    Binder icon :R58dtttda:FAQ Handbook

    FAQ Handbook

    Binder icon :R59dtttda:Sunu Band for O&M

    Sunu Band for O&M

    Binder icon :R5adtttda:NURSING FACULTY HANDBOOK


    Binder icon :R5bdtttda:Surrey Residences

    Surrey Residences

    Binder icon :R5cdtttda:SSHS CTE Policies & Procedures Manual

    SSHS CTE Policies & Procedures Manual