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Optimize Content Distribution with Online Binders

Enhance Collaboration and Efficiency

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Drawing of 6 adults from the top down working across a square table

The challenges of using a shared drive to distribute resources:

  • Nesting folders makes it hard to quickly access material.
  • Varied naming conventions among team members create inconsistencies.
  • Shared folders can be either too easy to edit or too strict to share with groups of people.

    Ensure Your Stakeholders Perform At Their Best

    • Intuitive Organization

      Everyone is familiar with how binder tabs organize content. Your files and website URLs are organized in rows of tabs and sub tabs in your binders.

    • Maintain Control

      Your viewers can't change the order of the tabs or compromise the content you place in your binders.

    • Keep Resources Centralized

      The fixed structure of the binder gives everyone the same consistent access to material knowing everything is in its proper place.

    • Build Team Confidence

      Your stakeholders can consistently and quickly find what they need.

    LiveBinders had just come out and I was so excited because it was something that was better than just some kind of a list kind of thing. I discovered very early on that one of the things I love about LiveBinders is the fact that I can create one on the fly if I need to.

    Susan Brooks-Young


    Education Tech Specialist and Published Author and Speaker

    How Online Binders Work

    • Sign up for a free account and get started on your first online binder
    • Upload a file, embed a web page or application link and add instructions for each tab
    • Share your online binder URL through e-mail or embed it on your website or LMS

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