Optimize Content Distribution with Online Binders

Enhance Collaboration and Efficiency

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The challenges of using a shared drive to distribute resources:

  • Nesting folders makes it hard to quickly access material.
  • Varied naming conventions among team members create inconsistencies.
  • Shared folders can be either too easy to edit or too strict to share with groups of people.

    Ensure Your Stakeholders Perform At Their Best

    • Intuitive Organization

      Everyone is familiar with how binder tabs organize content. Your files and website URLs are organized in rows of tabs and sub tabs in your binders.

    • Maintain Control

      Your viewers can't change the order of the tabs or compromise the content you place in your binders.

    • Keep Resources Centralized

      The fixed structure of the binder gives everyone the same consistent access to material knowing everything is in its proper place.

    • Build Team Confidence

      Your stakeholders can consistently and quickly find what they need.

    Headhsot of Susan Brooks-Young
    LiveBinders had just come out and I was so excited because it was something that was better than just some kind of a list kind of thing. I discovered very early on that one of the things I love about LiveBinders is the fact that I can create one on the fly if I need to.

    Susan Brooks-Young


    Education Tech Specialist and Published Author and Speaker

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    New employees to our team think this tool is the best thing since sliced bread!!

    Keith Holcomb


    Project Assistant Healthy Social Behaviors Initiative at Child Care Resources, Inc

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    We really appreciate LiveBinders and how much they enhance our productivity at a time when we don't really know from one day to the next if we're working from home or in the office. It has really been invaluable to our organization, so thanks so much!

    Larissa A. Cline


    Assistant Director, 21st Century Programs Muskingum Valley ESC

    Headshot of Rhonda Phillips
    This binder has become the go-to binder for my content area pre-service teachers, as well as, teachers who participate in my content area reading/writing workshops. As I learn new ways to engage students' comprehension of their content-related texts, I file ideas in the appropriate tab in my binder. (How did I ever file information before the "LiveBinder It" became an integral part of my life?)

    Rhonda Phillips


    Instructor, Virginia Tech

    Headshot of Kathy Beatty
    I am delighted to say that LiveBinders has been the backboneof our AAC Mentorship Program! We have found LiveBinders to be a wonderful support system for those SLPs that wish to further their knowledge and skills in AAC.

    Kathy Beatty


    Speech/Language Pathologist

    How Online Binders Work

    1. Sign up for a free account and get started on your first online binder
    2. Upload a file, embed a web page or application link and add instructions for each tab
    3. Share your online binder URL through e-mail or embed it on your website or LMS
    Livebinders Logo with grey binder and a red arrow across the bottom of the binder icon pointing to upper right of binder. There is a grey arrow surrounding the top of the binder from left to right centering on the binder icon. Across the grey arrow floating above the binder icon are 5 file types. On the left is an orange folder tab square with a white outline of "web docs." Then purple tab folder with white outline of "websites." Next is a green tab folder with a white outline of "documents." Then a blue tab folder with a white outline of "videos." Last is a teal colored folder with a white outline of "audio."

    See How Online Binders Work

    Example Digital Binders And Their Most Powerful Content

    Binder icon :R51dtttda:NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

    NaviLens - Smart Digital Signage for all

    Binder icon :R52dtttda:Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Binder icon :R53dtttda:COVID-19 Dashboard Information

    COVID-19 Dashboard Information

    Binder icon :R54dtttda:Health Clerk Binder

    Health Clerk Binder

    Binder icon :R55dtttda:NCSCOS ELA Resources

    NCSCOS ELA Resources

    Binder icon :R56dtttda:TJC Admissions and Onward Career Planning Resources

    TJC Admissions and Onward Career Planning Resources

    Binder icon :R57dtttda:MEDZED COVID-19 Resource Guide

    MEDZED COVID-19 Resource Guide

    Binder icon :R58dtttda:FAQ Handbook

    FAQ Handbook

    Binder icon :R59dtttda:Sunu Band for O&M

    Sunu Band for O&M

    Binder icon :R5adtttda:NURSING FACULTY HANDBOOK


    Binder icon :R5bdtttda:Surrey Residences

    Surrey Residences

    Binder icon :R5cdtttda:SSHS CTE Policies & Procedures Manual

    SSHS CTE Policies & Procedures Manual