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Keep All Your Course Materials in One Place

Help your busy students feel confident they can find what they need.

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Drawing of a virtual classrrom with 6 student desks floating around a teacher presenting on a white board

Packaging your course material online has its challenges.

The only way to combine a variety of resources online for sharing is with a list of URLs. These lists could be on your website, LMS course page or a Google doc.

Unfortunately, with a list of URLs it is hard to decipher one resource from the next and makes it time consuming for the student to find what they need for a given assignment.

Binders Create a Clear Path to Your Materials

  • Easier on the eyes

    Your students will appreciate finding your content from inside your binders than as a list of links down a page.

  • Removes confusion

    The visual layout of tabs in your binder makes it easier to quickly recognized how information is organized in your binders.

  • Anyone can view binders

    Binders can be viewed without having an account, making it easier for students to get access to your materials beyond the course time frame.

  • Easy to update

    You can manage your binder in real time without having to worry about re-publishing your course page in order to get new content up. A your binder URL to your course page and your students will always have access to the latest changes.

This LiveBinder speaks for itself, through carefully selected content that is especially engaging to a middle school audience. Now my students learn, first hand, the relevance of copyright and censorship to their work.

Faraja Thompson


Middle School Teacher

How Online Binders Work

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  • Upload a file, embed a web page or application link and add instructions for each tab
  • Share your online binder URL through e-mail or embed it on your website or LMS

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