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Tame Your Digital Life with Digital Binders!

LiveBinders is an online digital binder platform for professionals who know how good it feels when everything is in its proper place.

Rows of binders displayed across a LiveBinders screen
Organize a diverse collection of resources into a streamlined package for sharing:

  • File uploads
  • Google docs
  • Web links
  • Videos
  • Surveys
  • Presentations

File folders vs Context rich package

Opened binder with text describing the video image on the binder page.
When you share a list of hyperlinks on your website or email, part of the story you want to tell is lost. The spatial layout of tabs and sub tabs in a digital binder, the color coding, and the binder cover add another layer of context that is lost with hyperlinks.

Your message makes more of an impact because your audience can easily locate information in a digital binder. Your audience will ‘get it’ when you use LiveBinders to package your resources.

Update anytime, anywhere

LiveBinders Add Content editing window
To make a project a success, you need to be able to make ongoing revisions so information remains relevant and up-to-date. Because LiveBinders is stored in the cloud, you can easily update your documents, add new tabs, move tabs or delete tabs. No need to republish your binder. In an instant, your audience will have access to last minute changes.

Build a library of your online binders

Rows of binders displayed across a LiveBinders screen
Once you complete your project, you will always have your original, neatly organized binder to refer to on your LiveBinders’ shelf.

Embed your shelf of binders on your website and you’ve got a library of binder resources you and your audience can easily access.

Incredibly easy to use, and free to get started!

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