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Digital Binders as ePortfolios

From young students to career savvy adults, eportfolios are quickly becoming an important way to present qualifications and track progress.

LiveBinders is a seamless way to combine multi-media presentations, uploaded documents, and videos into an elegant package to share and present knowledge and progress.

One of the easiest ways to quickly build an online portfolio

LiveBinders lets you combine uploaded documents, links, and multi-media content into a simple online package that is perfect for sharing. With LiveBinders you can:

  • Create templates
  • Add content from any application
  • Add pictures from an iPad or Android device
  • Select a layout that best shows off your content
  • Keep binders private or make them public

Here is an excellent post on getting started with ePortfolios in the classroom Student Portfolios Using LiveBinders from Brandy Panagos

Incredibly easy to use, and free to get started!

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