Go Completely Paperless

Create your own classroom textbooks, evidence documentation, ePortfolios, and more.

Make it easy for your students to find and use resources in a visual context they understand.

LiveBinders opens up new opportunities for collaborating, organizing, and sharing resources that were never possible before.

Here are just a few more potential uses for LiveBinders in Education:

Substitute Packages

Help your substitute be prepared by providing everything they will need in one simple place.

Parent Packages

Provide parents with resources to help their children learn. Package together links, worksheets, and curriculum information so that parents are both informed and engaged.


Create an online staff handbook that can be easily kept up-to-date. Create a guide for new teachers to provide them with a smooth transition and warm introduction to your school and district. Share your best practices among teachers at the school and the district levels.


Help students showcase their work while sharing it with parents and potential schools. Give them the opportunity to reflect on everything they have learned and how they have grown.

Professional Development

Gather together resources for professional development in one clean package. Make it easy to present your online resources from one location - there is no longer any need to open multiple windows when you are sharing online content. Embed a library of binder resources on your website so that your teachers can access the information they need directly from your site.

Teaching Tools

Use LiveBinders to integrate a variety of online resources in one location giving students what they need in context:

  • keep a binder of online mathematic exercises
  • organize review videos on social studies and science material
  • collect PowerPoint® slides, SlideShare® presentations, and Prezi® materials in a binder that students can access anywhere, at anytime
  • provide flip learning video material that the students can utilize from home and in the classroom

Let LiveBinders integrate all of your web 2.0 content - surveys, Google® forms, spreadsheets, and science flash assignments - into one contextual package.

So Much More than Just a Binder!

  • Update in real-time
  • Collaborate with multiple teachers or district staff
  • Deliver instantly
  • Keep binders private or make them public
  • Remove the "lost assignment" excuse
  • Carry 50 in just one hand!

Incredibly easy and free to use!

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"I teach sixth grade in an upper elementary setting. There are five other 6th grade teachers in my building and I have to say Live Binders has completely transformed the way we organize and collaborate. We are currently in the middle of developing some new units for Core Standards and literally everything we create goes right into a Live Binder. I've been teaching for 26 years and I have to say nothing has helped me more in my profession than this on-line organization system. I'd like to personally thank you for developing such a wonderful tool for educators. Other grade levels in our district have started asking us about our binders so we're spreading the word."

Becky Bounds
Prairie Central Upper Elementary
Forrest, IL 61749