Ways to Incorporate LiveBinders into Your Website

Add a LiveBinder It Button to Your Blog or Website

You can add a LiveBinder It button or icon to your blog or website so that people can easily include your content in their binders. First, choose which button you would like, then copy and paste the embed code below the buttons:

LiveBinder It icon with text
LiveBinder It icon without text

Add LiveBinders to Your Blog or Website

There are several ways that you can add LiveBinders to your blog or website.

  • As a standard link to your binder
  • As an icon
  • As an open binder

You will find these options on the shelf in the Options > Share menu below your binder and inside the binder under the Share options.

The share menu in the binder

Note: If you are inside the binder, you can actually link to a specific tab in that binder by using the "Current Tab URL" option.

Add LiveBinder Shelves to Your Blog or Website

LiveBinders on your website

You can add any LiveBinders shelf to your website. Just click on the shelf that you want to add and under Options > Embed you will find the LiveBinders embed code generator for that shelf:

embed code generator LiveBinders on your website

Add Our Featured Binders Shelf

LiveBinders Featured Shelf

If you want to add the LiveBinders featured page to your blog or website, use the following:

Adjust the Embed Code

To customize the embed code so that it fits better on your site, change the numbers in the embed code:

Customizing the embed code