Adopted by the Alabama State Board of Education in May 2009, then piloted in 2009-2010, EDUCATEAlabama is a formative system designed to provide information about an educator’s current level of practice within the Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development, which is based on the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS), Alabama Administrative Code §290-3-3-.04.  The AQTS constitutes the foundation of the teaching profession while the Continuum is a tool used to guide educator reflection, self-assessment, and goal setting for professional learning and growth. The EducateAlabama Librarian document was drafted in the Fall of 2010 by a committee of Alabama school librarians. -- EducateAlabama website http://alex.state.al.us/leadership/evaluations.html
EducateAlabama for Librarians
By: Carolyn Jo Starkey
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EducateAlabama for Librarians