The term Curriculum is from a post-medieval form of Latin used mainly in churches and schools and refers to “a course of study.” (Gove, 1993)
As you explore the resources and information provided by this LiveBinder the term curriculum refers to the essential standards and clarifying objectives of the standard course of study and any frameworks provided by the North Carolina department of Public Instruction, educational programs and courses outlined by local districts and charter schools, and lessons and academic content taught in a school or a specific course or program. 
The standards, curriculum, and instructional resources found in this LiveBinder provide a framework for professional planning, reflection, and building capacity as social studies educators who are knowledgeable about what should occur in social studies programs, classrooms, and courses. Yes, you will find resources in this section focused on standards, curriculum, and instruction.  But the primary intent of this Binder is to provide a place for you to access the K-12 Social Studies essential standards and unpacking documents, and curriculum methodology such as concept-based curriculum, advanced learner/honors curriculum resources, resources for developing curriculum aligned to the Founding Principles, etc. 
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Standards, Curriculum, & Instruction
By: K-12 Social Studies
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Standards, Curriculum, & Instruction