This resource guide was produced in collaboration with Science and low incidence special education teachers and consultants from across Kentucky.  The guide is organized by Science Progression and grade level based on the science progressions developed by the Kentucky Department of Education. Each progression is the organized the same. The lessons and work samples vary in format due to being developed by various teachers and consultants. These lessons and assessments were developed for all students participating in Alternate K-KPEP. They were not developed to meet the individual needs of specific students. As with any guide, the lessons and assessments will need to be adapted to meet the individual communication modes and learning styles of each student. This is a resource for teaching the aligned science standards and not every work sample will meet the entire aligned standard.    Thanks to the teachers and consultants which spend many hours to develop this resource. If you have questions, please contact the Low-Incidence Special Education Consultant from your cooperative.   Contributors  Brandi Bray, SESC LI Consultant  Jina Gibson-Hurst, LI Consultant Jefferson County Public Schools Kevin Crump, KDE Science Consultant for SESC  Cara Rocchi, Clark County Schools Lauren Whittaker, Clark County Schools Terry Rhodes, KDE Science Consultant for CKEC  Sally Miracle, CKEC LI Consultant   Carla Jordan, OVEC LI Consultant  Kim Weber, NKCES LI Consultant  Candi Rumsey, KDE Science Consultant for OVEC Mandy Carter, KEDC/Big East LI Consultant Sherida Gentry, WKEC LI Consultant Cheryl Mathis, KVEC LI Consultant Deb Myers, GRREC LI Consultant
Alternate K-PREP Aligned Science Standards
By: salmiracle
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Alternate K-PREP Aligned Science Standards