How learning to read and learning to code go hand in hand.
Resources for a presentation at the International Literacy Conference St. Louis, MO July 19, 2015.
Reading and coding go together like peanut butter and jelly. In our pilot of The Hour of Code campaign this past fall, both teachers and students noticed how coding computers and robots correlated to reading. Teachers first made this discovery when planning by design. Then, teachers wondered if the students would make the same connection and wondered if or how the concept would transfer to reading. During the campaign, reading motivation and accuracy increased not only through teacher observation but also through the developmental reading assessments. When teachers saw this gain they could not help but link reading workshop and coding. Stop teaching reading independently and add a real authentic experience.
Reading and Coding: STREAMing, and streamlining the process
By: Martha Bowden (technology) and Allison Hogan (classroom teache...
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    Reading and Coding: STREAMing, and streamlining the process