Sarah Sturtevant’s Story

Headshot of Sarah Sturtevant

As a digital marketing consultant, I’d struggled for years with the drudgery of producing customized 3-ring presentation binders for my sales meetings. Printing thick sheaves of information for these binders was costly, time-consuming and a waste of trees.

From the first moment I heard about LiveBinders, I was hooked! The LiveBinders platform provided an elegant and intuitive way for me to easily prepare and share multimedia resources with much less effort, time, and expense. After I created my own LiveBinders template, it felt like I’d “automated” my meeting preparation routine and was able to reclaim hours of my work day. I could duplicate my LiveBinders template in seconds and then customize it for each client with relevant slides, documents, or videos.

Besides reducing my meeting prep time, LiveBinders helped me look like a true digital marketing professional during sales meetings because I could share resources in a virtual, digital binder rather than flipping pages in a physical one.

Navigating through my LiveBinders tabs also provided a clear and organized presentation path during my sales meetings. Afterwards, I could email clients a link to their LiveBinders presentations for easy reference.

LiveBinders has revolutionized my sales process and I really don’t know how I did my job successfully without it!