District-Level Coaching Supports LiveBinders Shelf
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1. New DC Orientation
The PBIS District Coordinator (DC) serves as the main contact for the FLPBIS Project. The DC works with their district’s leadership team to coordinate resources, provide guidance to infuse PBIS into district-wide practices, and provide ongoing supports to school-based PBIS teams.
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2. District-Level Readiness and Planning Resources
Resources to help district leadership teams prepare for PBIS implementation and develop an effective district-wide PBIS framework.
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3. Training Readiness Procedures and Forms
The readiness procedures for PBIS trainings are provided to support district coordinators and school teams so they come adequately prepared to maximize productivity and the overall success of each training.
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4. Building and Sustaining PBIS Implementation
Resources and training vidoes to building and sustain Tier 1 PBIS implementation.
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5. DC Newsletters and Recorded Meetings
Links to newsletters and recorded DC meetings.
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6. Point of Contact Coaching Meeting Resources
Templates and resources for district-led PBIS school-team coaching meetings, including adaptable PowerPoint templates with extensive trainer notes and links to websites.
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