District-Level Coaching Supports LiveBinders Shelf
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1. Readiness Procedures
The FLPBIS Project uses readiness procedures so that team members arrive at their session with the necessary background knowledge, materials, and support to make their training productive and successful.
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2. District Coordinator Supports
Materials for DC development & support
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3. District-Level Planning Resources
These materials are for district leaders in PBIS who are responsible for preparing for Yearly Planning Meetings (YIPs), or redesigning district supports so schools can implement multi-tiered PBIS systems with greater ease and fidelity.
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4. District Coaching Meeting Templates
Resources for district-led coaching meetings, including adaptable PowerPoint templates with trainer notes and links to websites.
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5. Supporting Implementation Across Schools
Resources aligned to the implementation blueprint: Visibility, Political Support, Funding, etc.
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6. District-Supported PBIS Trainings
FLPBIS Project developed materials and resources intended for district-supported trainings by District Coordinators and/or Certified FLPBIS Trainers to build capacity for PBIS implementation at the school level.
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