LiveBinders for Online Handbooks

Save paper and make updating and distributing your handbook a breeze!

Step up your handbook game with multimedia and instant updates

LiveBinders is an online digital binder that lets you collect and combine uploaded documents, links, and multimedia content into a simple online package that is perfect for organizing and sharing your handbook. With LiveBinders you can:

  • Select a layout that best organizes the information
  • Upload documents or add content from any multimedia application on the web
  • Annotate the content
  • Keep your handbook private or make it public
  • Add interactive forms
  • Update in real time
  • Use your intranet for security
  • Have an auto-updated table of contents
  • Share your handbook with a single link
  • Add a shelf to your internal website with all your staff binders

Incredibly easy to use and free to get started!

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Take a look at these handbooks for great ideas on how to organize your information:

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