Our Mission is to Make You Look Good

We want to see you succeed. LiveBinders is taking the binder concept and continually improving it to be a leader in the next generation of content sharing. We want to help you go paperless and be on the cutting edge of efficiency. LiveBinders is the product of a close collaboration with our user community. We believe you are on the front lines of information sharing and we want to help you keep ahead of the pack. Ask us for help and we are there.

Making Them Useful, One LiveBinder at a Time!

We created LiveBinders so that you could do with digital information what you do with the piles of papers on your desk - organize them into nice presentable containers - like 3-ring binders on your shelf.

With our online binders you can combine all of your cloud documents, website links and upload your desktop documents - to then easily access, share, and update your binders from anywhere.

Context Matters

We've discovered that organizing information in a visual portfolio is important to the way information is retained and communicated. LiveBinders is the only cloud document that lets you view other online media and uploaded documents in context.

Empowering the Knowledge Leader in You

With all of the information available online today, curated content is a very important part of filtering through a vast body of resources. But real curation involves a personal perspective, not an impersonal algorithm.

We understand that you are a valuable resource for your network of colleagues, clients and students. LiveBinders is your way to curate all the content you collect and make it easily available for your audience. Create a shelf of your binders and embed them right on your web page where visitors can easily access your impressive library of resources.

Thank You to Our Community

A big thank you to our educators, business managers, consultants, trainers, and administrators who are using LiveBinders to curate and organize their resources for clients, colleagues and students. All of your stories, request and discoveries have helped us make LiveBinders better. Please keep your feedback coming! Let us know at Thanks for your help!

Thanks to our community for their continued enthusiasm:

"I was able to put together this livebinder with everything we needed in less than 2 hours. The great thing is that we could send it out ahead of time for those who like previews, we used it as our presentation tool today and it serves as a resource for staff as they think about projects for which they could utilize minigroup. Wow, what a great education tool!

  • Love, love, love that I can add explanatory text to images and websites.
  • Love that I can add links within the text, along with styling options like bold, colors, etc.
  • Love the option to embed videos.
  • Sub tabs are great for highlighting info like pulling out some content from the minigroup site -- FAQ’s, tour, blog, etc."

--Dawn Wall, Technology Coordinator, K-State

"I love Livebinders. It is such an easy tool to use and the uses are endless."
-- Steven Anderson - Blogging About the web 2.0 Connected Classroom

"Really, one of the best parts of LiveBinders is how easy and intuitive the application operates."
-- David Chan - Chanatown - LiveBinders - ePortfolios done easy

"FINALLY got around to creating my first LiveBinder. And I love it!"
-- Marie Slim - LibrarySlim blog

"Think of Livebinders as a virtual 3 ring binder that you can put pretty much anything in. Webpage, PDF, image, video, text: they all can go into a page organized for you. Each item can be on it’s own tab or you can further organize by using sub-tabs. You can even put LiveBinders inside LiveBinders inside LiveBinders!!"
-- Melissa Edwards - The Inspired Classroom

"Dear @LiveBinders. I set up my account yesterday. It was love at first click. I'm working on my first binder now...Thx for such a cool tool!"
-- @carolynstarkey on Twitter

"I’ve seen examples shared on twitter and have started following @livebinders there - but while searching for materials for a course project I remembered I had saved a few of them as examples - then I started to look through what was available on the livebinders site that folks were sharing… and was AMAZED :) (I feel like I’m a selling snuggies here :)"
-- Alana Callan - Alana Learns About Educational Technology

"This web 2.0 tool is easy to use and becomes a Techbook instead of a Notebook for teaching."
-- David Wetzel's "5 Reasons Why You Should Use LiveBinders" from the Teach Science and Math blog

"I LOVE LiveBinders. I have set up 5 already, some for me, some for my students."
-- Kit McCormick

"Try out a new web tool. One of my favorites right now is This website works a lot like social bookmarking sites that let you save links to share with others, but the big difference is that the sharing of links through this site is visual."
-- Jim Knight - Radical Learners Blog

"Seems like I always find the best sites late at night and I've done it again. I love the idea of LiveBinders. Basically, it is a "3-ring binder" online. You can make your own binder over a unit you teach complete with videos online, websites you use, documents you hand out, and your own notes."
-- Carlisle Middle School Blog

A Few Recent Tweets:

@textntech Still liking better than plain ol' Diigo

@mthornton78 my class is so enamored with the binders my students made last yr that they are going home and "playing" with binders

@ACampbell9297 Loving the possibilities of LiveBinders

@AngelaSmyers Livebinder is a great tool to use in sharing websites! Makes presentations a snap!

@KATE_TICK Live Binders. Easy to use and organize. Great way to collect knowledge!

Adopt the #lovelivebinders tag. They're great.

@mramidon @LiveBinders HOLY CUSTOMER SERVICE BATMAN!!! Thank you soooo much. My 6th grader will be soo excited and thankful!!

@MrMoScienceLand Livebinders are invaluable for sharing lots of resources with my faculty #edtech

@esolcourses Has anybody mentioned livebinders yet? Another useful way to curate links

@lackeym @LiveBinders you guys ROCK! Keep those livebinders coming our way

@j_allen @epaopao Hope one of those works for you. I love the flexibility of@livebinders. They've been a hit for all sorts of sharing this year.

@mramidon RT@teamlilya4: I'm scaring myself... I just used Livebinderit again! <-- A parent of one of my students! She's Amazing!!

@MsLaidler @LLacrosse I have been using/building livebinders for my units, only one link on my site and organized the way I want, tool I love.

@msnorthrup Used a LiveBinder for a research project with my students for the first time. LOVED it! "Ms. N. I can organize my work so easily with this!"

@msgregson: my new favorite tool? livebinder. hands down. what an awesome way to keep kids on certain sites when researching and organize my research.

@dprindle Nice thing about @LiveBindersis you don't have to put everything up at once. This is nice for class. But nxt yr it will all be there!

@teachersharetp: the folks at #mctm11 loved some@LiveBinders Thanks for making me look smart ladies!

@dprindle: Finding more and more uses for @LiveBinders. Nice place to store class resources especially for a homebound/hospital bound students.

@Wow, thks! RT @trendingteacher: @LiveBinders helps ed stakeholders turnover new leaf re Vertical Teams,Conferences, Prof.Development so all on same pg

@bri12580 Brian Scully #edchat my ongoing HW: put 10 websites relating to our current unit into a @LiveBinders and summarize them. Extra tab for 'fun and cool'

@bri12580 #edchat ditched vocab cards as HW this year. Pointless to memorize, and no meaningful assessment. Put them into a@LiveBinders instead

@LiveBinders Tina and Barbara - Loved this parent handout from Mrs. Reulbach's Math Class added it to the featured page:

@DPrindle - After a brief look @LiveBinders my principal called it Moodle on Steroids. I call it easier than Moodle. Does not involve hours of training...which is a bonus!

@carolynstarkey Carolyn Starkey @dsmacdonald I've played around with several things but I keep coming back to @LiveBinders . I just like the way it looks, etc. #aslacha

@teachersharetp Toby Price @livebinders I love being able to setup different shelves. I used them on our school page!

I love, love, love your site. My goal is for every school counselor in the country to use it for our National Model. I'll make it happen.

@ResearChameleon Kathy Malatesta Working on @LiveBinders like never before today. Will embed into @Follett Destiny homepage.

@jghfoundation08 Reba Gordon Matthews I'm hooked on LiveBinders! Made 10 binders yesterday. I feel so organized! Have lots of resources 2 share w/teachers in Sept.

@virtual_teach My students have requested we cr8 a live binder of activities to do @ home. Sounds like a flipped classroom!

@teachersharetp RT @mathwhiz Coolest thing about @Livebinders as a presentation tool is that you can literally add to it up to the minute. I did today too!

@mathwhiz Rafranz Dixon@LiveBinders We should all be thanking you!!! Best tool on the web :)

@AudreyLash Proud of my class library in#livebinder form.

@mrg_3 #evscnetwork Checkout what students created using's not just for teacher use!

@mariakehres “@keey2kids: LiveBinders: The E-Porfolio, Save & Share Everything Must Have Tool”

@kbkonnected Student just yelled down the hallway to me...I love your @LiveBinders! Awesome!!! :-)

@mel1017 I'm loving livebinders - Organized hoarding at it's finest.

@Saskateach Jennifer Brokofsky - Loving LiveBinders. What a great tool to support the sharing of resources with others. Thanks @LiveBinders

@mathwhiz Rafranz Dixon Kids are doing @LiveBinders and loving it!!! Excellent for students to use to organize sources for those English research papers

@eyebeams Wonder if something like a Livebinder might be better than Dropbox? It would allow for categorisation under tabs/sub tabs? #saveTTV

@carolynstarkey: @LiveBinders Delivered two presentations using LiveBinders today. Both the presentations AND the LiveBinders were well received. #alla2011

@1939Ford9N Submitted my personal evaluation as a Livebinder to my superintendent today. Lots of possibilities w/livebinders. I've become a big fan!

@Met your Livebinders today and let me just say I don't know how I've lived without them. Yours truly, an #edugeek

@mrmadden77 Robert Madden @LiveBinders Thanks for such an awesome product. I did a blog entry on the LiveBinder and it got LOTS of hits:

@karenterlecky karen terlecky @LiveBinders @mthornton78 @langwitches wow! This continues to push my thinking about live binders in the classroom!!

@taniasterling Tania Sterling"@imcraddock: I <3 It's like Wiki 2.0! I LOVE using @LiveBinders !!!

@kfasimpaur: My life is made easier by @livebinders. Not that many products I feel that way about.

@bethlisser I am absolutely loving

@junita55 Becoming a big fan of LiveBinders talk about tidying up my digital life into the relevant projects keeping bookmarking and files together

@librario868 Still moving links fr my elem schl media page 2 my Livebinder. Got email fr tch saying she loves it. Its big. How cool. Will post end of wk.

@TaniaTS @Jedd guess everyone has to update systems. Has been reliable so far, but considering a livebinder instead of bookmarking. I 4get what I tag

@eevansHHS: @thenerdyteacher me too. Built it into summer projects. I think its going to be great for the students. #edchat

@ecarboni Shared @LiveBinders during my PD class today. Everyone loved it! Go LiveBinders. Thanks!

@TheNerdyTeacher I'm going to use @LiveBinders a ton next year. I just wanted you to know. Carry on. :-) 2 hours ago

@kyteacher @thenerdyteacher Me many uses for both me & my students.

@mjsamberg Btw: if you aren't using LiveBinders to organize web resources, you should be.

@mjsamberg @SraSpanglish I find LiveBinders are much easier to share and much easier to view lists of websites. Great for use with students.

@MissTrippsClass @KTVee every document, website, resource, or idea goes n a binder on LiveBinder. Am in process of putting this together. Many gr8 ex online!

@ecarboni: More Kudos to @LiveBinders when during PD today in walked 20 colleagues singing their praises

@dougemints Putting resources together for #ISTE11. Love the sub tabs in Livebinder! Makes me feel organized.

@naomishema Thank you PLN for introducing me to LiveBinders - much better than printing handouts or a sheet with links - One link to save them all!

@Tech_Rox @LiveBinders @justinstallings Thanks so much! We live miles apart, but livebinders makes it feel like we are in the same room!

@carolynstarkey @LiveBinders I <3 LiveBinders! Personalized tech support is the best available!

@Drawonart chris welch Thanks to @livebinders for a great product. I spent last night outlining my back to school doc for my teachers using your system. #awesome

@ResearChameleon Kathy Malatesta Working on @LiveBinders like never before today. Will embed into @Follett Destiny homepage.

@MrsLangton: Our school is using #livebinders this year...our dept is going to organize all our unit lesson plans on it too-great tool!

More fun...

Nice, Nice, Baby (LiveBinder’s)
(A parody of "Ice, Ice, Baby")
Alright stop, collaborate and listen
LiveBinders-the perfect invention
Something grabs my attention on the net
Need to save it easily, yes, you bet.
Create a Binder and stash that link
Coordinate the pages so my stuff’s in sync
To the extreme, I rock the net like Al Gore
Light up the binder, saving objects galore...

From Mike Fisher's blog - Digigoy